Creating my First Earring Slab


Getting Started

I have seen lots of people do many different beautiful polymer clay slabs to cut earrings out of and decided I wanted to try it for myself. I decided to start with something simple and try something more abstract instead of something more detailed like flowers. 


Mixing Colors

I used four colors (purple, two shades of blue, and yellow) of Sculpey Premo and Souffle clay in order to create all the colors I would be using.

First I conditioned each color separately in order to make the clay easier to work with. Then I used a pasta maker to blend the colors together until I got the desired colors. I ended up with a light purple, dark purple, light blue, yellow, green and grey. 

Adding Cutouts

I used the grey color as the background and the lighter colors I layered on top. I used small cutouts to cut a variety of geometric shapes out of the clay and then placed them on top. After I got my desired pattern I used an acrylic roller to press the shapes into the background. 


The Final Product

After creating the pattern I used a variety of cutters to make different shapes. I then baked the pieces. After they cooled I connected the pieces using jump rings. 


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