Creating the Magical Collection


How the Magical Collection Began

My magical collection is inspired by Harry Potter and the Wizarding World. I have been a potter head for years and I wanted to make a collection that was a subtle ode to my favorite world. If you like any of these pieces but don’t have your ears pierced please send me a message because I can make them into clip-ons or necklaces. 



The mandrakes are first seen in Herbology class where the students are repotting juvenile mandrakes. Professor Sprout warns that a mandrake fully mature mandrake’s scream can cause death. They are also used to cure the petrified students in Chamber of Secrets. On these earrings you can see the mandrake screaming from being pulled out of the dirt. 

Pygmy Puff

Fred and George Weasley sell these lovable creatures in their shop called Pygmy Puffs. Ginny Weasley owns one named Arnold. These earrings are inspired by the purple version of these little creatures. 


Cornish Pixies

In Chamber of Secrets Lockhart releases some Cornish Pixies into the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom and then quickly runs away. These troublesome creatures cause a lot of mayhem before Hermione is able to petrify them. These earrings are inspired by the blue silhouette of these creatures. 


Wizard Wheezes

Fred and George Weasley open a joke shop called Weasley Wizard Wheezes after leaving Hogwarts early during their seventh year. This shop becomes an escape filled with laughter in the early days of the Wizarding War. 



I wanted to make a pair for the darker side of Harry Potter so I created this pair inspired by Nagini. She is Voldemort’s pet and Horocrux who is eventually destroyed by Neville. 

Lightning Bolt

We all know Harry Potter’s famous scar in the shape of a lighting bold. I also made these earrings in a black and white marble color to represent Hegwig’s coloring. 

Sorting Hat

I made six different versions of the sorting hat. There is one for each of the houses Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Gryffindor with their colors marbled together and then formed to look like fabric. There is also a plain brown pair made to look like the sorting hat itself. The final design is a rainbow because everyone deserves to be welcomed at Hogwarts. 


These earrings are inspired by one of my favorite characters Luna Lovegood. The dark blue and glitter background is made to look like the night sky because one of my headcannons is that Luna loved the night time especially the start. On front you will see the glasses she uses to read the Quibbler, her father’s magazine. 


Chocolate Frogs

This is one of my favorite super subtle pairs. Chocolate frogs are mentioned throughout the books as one of the kids favorite treats. They can hop away if you don’t catch them fast enough and come with a wizarding trading card. The top part of the earring is a purple and gold hexagon inspired by the box they come in  and below that hangs the chocolate frog itself. 

Love Potion

The love potion, Amortentia is most prominent within the Half-Blood Prince. This potion smells like the thing that attracts you most and can cause powerful attraction when given to another person. We see it within Slughorn’s class as well as when it is given to Ron Weasley. These earrings are inspired by the less potent version sold at Weasley Wizard Wheezes. 


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