Off the Grid

Art Studio and Craft Brewery

Artistic Meanderings

We currently sell handmade polymer clay jewelry specializing in unique earrings. In the near future we are hoping to expand and include hand thrown pottery and hand crafted home goods.        




Craft Brewery

We are currently in the process of expanding to begin selling our awesome craft beers. Coming soon are IPAs, Hefeweizens, Sours, Stouts and many more styles. We are currently in the experimental phase.  




Woman Owned, Family Supported 

Our large family has a wide variety of interests and talents which will allow us to offer a large selection of items. In the future we hope to have even more members selling so you can find the perfect piece. 



The Magical Collection

Check out our awesome new collection inspired by Harry Potter and the Wizarding World!

One of a Kind

All of our designs are unique and each pair is handmade which means many of our earrings are one of a kind

Transform any pair into Clip-ons

If you don’t have your ears pierced send me a message at offthegridartandcraft@gmail.com or on social media. I can turn any pair into clip-ons or a necklace for a small fee. 

Social Media

  • Instagram: @OfftheGridArtandCraft
  • Facebook: @OfftheGridArtandCraft
  • TikTok: @OfftheGridArtandCraft


  • Read our blogs to learn about exciting upcoming projects
  • Creating the Magical Collection
  • Turning the Barn Into a Pottery Studio

Upcoming Events

  •  McClintock Winter Whiskey Market 02/05