Cornish Pixie Earrings


Lockhart may have run away from the Cornish Pixies but you should run towards these earrings. Each pair is handmade so they may not look exactly the same.

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Sterling Steel | Hypoallergenic

Lightweight | Comfortable to wear

Each pair of earring are handmade and although great care has gone into them there may be slight imperfections. Each pair of earrings is unique and the pair may not match perfectly.

Polymer Clay Earring Care Instructions:

  • Clean earrings with Hydrogen Peroxide before wearing.
  • Do not wear while applying perfume, deodorant or hairspray.
  • Do not bend or drop earrings (there is some flexibility in the clay but please do not try bending)
  • To clean polymer clay pieces, wipe them down with a soft and clean fabric. To remove marks dampen a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and gently wipe piece.
  • ¬†When not in use, store your polymer clay earrings in a box or separate compartment. Sharp objects can scratch the clay surface.


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